If you're frustrated with localized areas of fat that won't go away even if you exercise aggressively and maintain your ideal weight, then you may need to consider a cosmetic procedure that removes the extra fat. You might never get rid of love handles or extra fat in your thighs or under your chin if genetics cause you to store fat in those places. One procedure that may help is freezing the fat away. This has benefits over liposuction in that it is easier on the body has a shorter recovery time. The following is a quick overview of the cosmetic procedure:

How Fat Freezing Works

Fat cells can be destroyed when exposed to freezing temperatures. The FDA has cleared a medical device for use in this purpose. Your dermatologist places this device in the area you have extra fat and the skin and fat underneath it are exposed to very cold temperatures in a treatment that could last up to an hour. The fat cells die off and then your body slowly eliminates them over the following months.

What Happens During A Treatment

You undergo this cosmetic treatment in your dermatologist's office while you are awake and alert. The treatment device uses suction that gently lifts your skin and fat while the cold temperatures are applied. This can give you the sensation of tugging in the area. You'll also feel the coldness, but after several minutes, the area goes numb and the procedure is painless. You'll rest comfortably throughout it and you can read or use your tablet or smartphone to pass the time. When the treatment is over, the area is massaged to increase circulation and you may feel slight prickling as your feeling returns.

When You'll See Results From Fat Freezing

Freezing away fat isn't an instant procedure because the damaged and dead fat cells stay inside your body until they can be absorbed and eliminated. You'll notice results gradually, and you may see changes in just a couple of weeks. In a couple of months, you should see a noticeable difference, but the full results may take up to six months to appear.

Who Can Have The Fat-Freezing Treatment

This procedure is for people who are near their ideal weight and just have stubborn areas of fat. It isn't for weight loss or to treat obesity. You may not lose any weight as a result of the treatment, but your body shape changes. So to be a good candidate, you should be near your ideal weight and not have any medical condition that is made worse by exposure to cold temperatures. Your dermatologist will take a complete medical history to make sure the treatment will be safe and effective for you.

Freezing fat may seem like science fiction, but it has quickly become a very popular way to change the shape of your body. One big advantage is that there is no downtime. You can go right back to work or your usual activities after a treatment and you'll have no pain or recovery period like you might have with liposuction.

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